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UNCERTAINTY | 2019 Administrators Conference

November 7-9, 2019 | New Orleans, LA

Conference Partner: Tulane University, School of Architecture

Conference Co-chairs:

* Iñaki Alday, Dean, Tulane University

* Michelle Addington, Dean, University of Texas at Austin

* Kentaro Tsubaki, Associate Dean, Tulane University

If there is one certainty that we can universally count on as an enduring condition in the built environment, it is the increasing UNCERTAINTY brought by climate change.

Unquestionably, the field of Architecture has been responding to the alarm bells within the normative bounds of how we teach and practice by folding new content into education, pushing for standards in the profession, and introducing new initiatives. However, we have yet to fully face the scope and scale of the consequence through a substantive rethinking of our disciplines, our products, and our pedagogy. With innovation and technology advancing quicker than ever, the next generation of architects and designers will embark on major discoveries that will fundamentally change the world and how we inhabit the planet.

How do we as administrators navigate the rapidly changing world? What is our role as schools in educating those who will build, while our built environment becomes ever more vulnerable? What are our responsibilities as academic institutions when UNCERTAINTY is our only enduring constant?

The conference is structured to address the issues of increasing UNCERTAINTY from administrative, pedagogical, and scholarly perspectives, organized in three nested scales:

* The school and its pedagogical project

* The role of the school at the university and its research mission

* The space beyond the university and the school’s social and political impact

The context of New Orleans and the contradictory nature of water – its absence and its excess; its destructive power and its life-giving essence – are the backdrops that situate the session topics.

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