4th Annual Essentials in Internal Medicine

Event Date
Uptown Campus
Tulane Tidewater Building

Statement of Need 
The field of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties is constantly evolving, as emerging research redefines and/or modifies current standards in clinical practice.  Physicians attending this conference should increase their knowledge, skills and competence in the areas of the future of Internal Medicine and its subspecialties.  With advances in Internal Medicine and its subspecialties progressing at a rapid pace it is important for internists and subspecialists to keep abreast of these advances for appropriate management of their patients. 


This activity is designed to equip internal medicine and subspecialist professionals with the most current diagnostic and treatment options available in internal medicine and its subspecialties. 

Learner Objectives
At the conclusion of this this educational activity, the participant should be better able to effectively:

•    Explain why physician advocacy is important for your profession, your patients and your community. 
•    Describe the prevalence and effect of common cardiovascular disorders during pregnancy and the puerperium.
•    Recognize current available percutaneous therapies for coronary artery disease and cardiogenic shock and identify deficiencies and future directions.
•    Explore the latest evidence on renal denervation for hypertension management.
•    Describe microaggressions and how to respond to them.
•    Discuss the latest management of Candida Auris. 
•    Recognize the changing clinical course of many cancers.
•    Discuss when to refer a patient for BLVR evaluation.
•    Identify risks and contraindications of obesity management treatments.
•    Discuss how to recognize and manage statin related myalgias vs rhabdomyolysis vs. HMGCAR antibody positive myopathy, and V.

Predicted Outcomes

Predicted changes in practice as a result of participating in this activity may include the improved ability to:

•    Develop a plan to better educate patients on the benefits of participating in cancer clinical research. 
•    Develop a strategy to improve the comfort level in shifting between weight loss drugs.
•    Increase competence in diagnosis and treatment of common cardiovascular disorders


This activity has been planned & implemented in accordance with the ACCME® 
Accreditation Requirements to ensure balance, independence, objectivity, and scientific rigor. All individuals responsible for content, regardless of role(s), are required to document financial relationships or the absence of relationships with commercial interests, and all potential conflicts of interest must be resolved prior to the activity. Disclosure of off-label, experimental or investigational use of drugs or devices must also be made known to the audience.