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AnthropoSonic: Live Performance Lab with Lisa E. Harris

Uptown Campus
Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel, Tulane University

The New Orleans Center for the Gulf South (NOCGS) continues its exploration of the Anthropocene this year, highlighting the interdependence of humans, animals, and the earth by presenting AnthropoSonic. AnthropoSonic is a two-part series of workshops and performances with African-descended vocalists Lisa E. Harris and Michaela Harrison. The Anthropocene is a useful concept –– and proposed geological epoch –– recognizing the present era in which human-generated forces have altered the earth’s surface, atmosphere, and planetary patterns. Both Harris and Harrison are part of a growing ecosystem of research-based composers who engage with unexpected collaborators to investigate the impact of humans on other animals and the earth, promote healing, and explore our environmental futures.


AnthropoSonic: Live Performance Lab with Lisa E. Harris

Lisa E. Harris is a classically trained vocalist, interdisciplinary artist, and filmmaker. She is also a 2021 Monroe Fellow and a 2020 A Studio in the Woods Rising Resident recipient where she is working on a research/immersive environmental performance piece called "Onshore Trilling": What Happens When the Earth Sings the Bruise; a performance cycle composition inspired by the life cycle of an oil and gas field. This performance approaches seismic graphs as graphic scores and processing seismic waves through a human voice database to create a song cycle to be performed onshore, near or in proximity to productive offshore drilling sites in Norway, Texas, and the Gulf South.


This event is sponsored by the Skau Art and Music Fund and Newcomb Institute.


Register at gulfsouth@tulane.edu.




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