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Archipelago: Jewish Memories across the Mediterranean.


Featuring Dario Miccoli

The Department of French and Italian, Middle East and North African Studies, and the Department of Jewish Studies, present a lecture featuring Dario Miccoli from Università Ca' Foscari Venice

Archipelago: Jewish Memories across the Mediterranean

Monday, March 15, 2021 1:00PM Online Lecture via Zoom: https://tulane.zoom.us/j/93917774936

Contact: Edwige Tamalet Talbayev, etamalet@tulane.edu


This lecture will discuss how ideas of Europe and Mediterranean are presented in literary texts by Jewish authors from the southern shore of the Mediterranean (North Africa and Egypt) that lived during colonial times, in the interwar period or afterwards: think of the Jews of Algeria – naturalized as French en masse in 1870 and migrated to France during the Algerian War – or the Jews of various European and Eastern Mediterranean origins that lived in 1930s and 1940s Alexandria, feeling both Egyptians and Europeans. 

Middle East and North African Studies