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Braid and Flow: Unseen


Featuring Dr. Andrea Armstrong, Justin Robinson, Scott Eustis

The human eye is a camera lens. The retina is the surface where images come into focus. The images are received with millions of microscopic photoreceptor cells. When we focus, we also delete. The human brain combines the images to create a narrative. This focus neglects other narratives. Where are our blind spots? What do we neglect to consider?

This month's topic is the UNSEEN. From 10 to 11 a.m. on Tuesday, August 18, we will break into groups to explore this topic through these lenses: 1) Prisons, led by Dr. Andrea Armstrong 2) Wetlands, led by Scott Eustis and 3) Microscopic, led by Justin Robinson. We will meet again from 6 to 7:15 p.m. on Monday, August 24, and attempt to bring those strands back together through creative responses.

To join, please use this Zoom link: https://tulane.zoom.us/j/92870457936

All are welcome to join for either or both gatherings. Afterwards, the leaders for the month will share out readings, resources, inspirations, and ideas and choose the next month's theme and discussion leaders.

We will be announcing the discussion leads in the days ahead.

____ BRAID & FLOW OVERVIEW We convene twice each month to explore themes that stretch across scales and disciplines, such as food and food systems, racialized violence, and technology and intimacy. Our goal is to learn from each other, and to strengthen the theories and the practices that guide our work as artists, activists, researchers, policy makers, writers, scientists, designers, teachers, students, and leaders, all working to navigate the Anthropocene and the challenges of climate change and pandemic. If you are committed to sharing your own work and experiences, learning, and dialogue, please join us.

These conversations are hosted by the The Blue House, Water Leaders Institute, PUNCTUATE, Antenna, Nola Gulf South, and the Gulf South Anthropocene Working Group, with the support of the following people: Jelagat Cheruiyot, Shana griffin, Aron Chang, Rebecca Snedeker, and Denise Frazier. Please reach out if you'd like to join the team or otherwise support these convenings.

For more information, please contact anthropocene@tulane.edu

New Orleans Center for the Gulf South at Tulane University

For more information contact: Regina Cairns via email to rcairns@tulane.edu or by phone at 504-314-2854
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