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Department of Anthropology Fall 2023 Colloquium Series

Uptown Campus
Dinwiddie Hall, Room 102

Anthropologist, Corinne Fortier, will deliver the talk "Medically Assisted Reproduction: Sexuality, Incest, and Descent in Monotheisms and in France." Please join us for this talk on December 8th, 4 pm, in Dinwiddie Hall 102.

Food and refreshments will be served at 3:45 pm.


It is generally held that assisted reproductive technology has dissociated procreation from sexuality. My study will show that the circulation of gametes has an often-denied sexual dimension, which is revealed in the questions raised by monotheistic religions concerning these techniques. Using a cross-disciplinary approach, I will combine a specific study of medically assisted reproduction in Sunni Islam with a comparative analysis from a religious viewpoint, putting Sunni Islam into perspective with other monotheisms, specifically Judaism and Roman Catholicism, as well as the other branch of Islam represented by Shi'ism. As an anthropologist, I performed a field survey in France on medically assisted reproduction, particularly on the donation of gametes. I will show that the questions raised by monotheistic religions regarding medically assisted reproduction are very often the same questions that individuals resorting to these techniques in France ask themselves about the concepts of adultery, incest, and descent, particularly when the reproductive process involves a third-party donor.


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Department of Anthropology

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