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Drawing Miniatures with Watercolor Artist Gabrielle Reeves


Featuring Gabrielle Reeves

Visiting Professor Deniz Karakas has organized an online watercolor painting workshop with Istanbul-based artist Gabrielle Reeves. Thursday, November 12, 3:40pm CST, Online, Zoom meeting link: https://tulane.zoom.us/j/92590266996

For the workshop please have prepared:

1: A reference photo from which you will work.  This can be any subject but do consider what your watercolor and drawing level is. You may have the photo reference on your computer screen or print it out. There is no requirement about this besides making sure you have a clear and large enough image to work from.

2: Prepare the size of your watercolor paper to 15cm x 20cm.  You can either cut the paper down to this size or use masking tape.

3: Optional but recommended: If you have time, begin to draw out your image lightly in pencil on the prepared 15cm x 20cm paper, including all of the details that you think you will need for the painting.  Because drawing can take a long time, it would be recommended to at least begin this process so that you have more time to paint.  

4: Have all of your materials ready: Watercolor paper (plus extra sheets for techniques and color mixing), watercolor kit, brush(es), jar of water, paper towels or painting rags, reference photo, pencil and eraser.

This workshop is sponsored by CELT (Center for Engaged Learning and Teaching). 


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