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Febrile in Honduras

Downtown Campus
J. Bennett Johnston (JBJ) Health & Environmental Research Building
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Featuring Jackeline Alger MD, MSc, PhD

Format: 1-2 clinical cases of Fever in Honduras will be presented, with an emphasis on dengue. If presented in Spanish, we will have someone up here translate. Local findings by entomologists/epidemiologists/research virologists would also be presented. Audience: virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, entomologists, clinicians (adult and pediatric), (ALL welcome) Content and Dynamics: -------- Arboviral infections, such as dengue virus, Zika virus, chikungunya virus, are an increasing clinical concern worldwide. Dengue infections have increased dramatically over the last 50 years. There is no specific treatment for arboviral infections, and no safe, effective vaccine for dengue or Zika. Fever due to arboviral infection such as dengue and Zika is a relatively common occurrence in Honduras, compared to the United States. Physicians and epidemiologists in Honduras are gaining clinical expertise in diagnosis and management of arboviral infections. Several physician/scientist groups at Tulane University are seeking to improve diagnosis of and identify preclinical leads for arboviruses. Improved communication between a site with endemic dengue/Zika, such as Honduras (Tegucigalpa) and a site with active basic research on arboviral immunology/therapeutic leads will expedite 1) understanding of arboviral pathology, 2) understanding of arboviral epidemiology, 3) development of sustainable collaboration between Honduras/US, and 4) transfer of basic virology/immunology techniques from US to Honduras. US physicians and scientists will benefit greatly from case presentations describing clinical presentation/evolution of arboviral infections, and other causes of fever in Honduras. Honduran physicians and scientists will benefit from increased access to scientific collaborations and evolving efforts to enhance onsite diagnostic resources.

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For more information contact: Dahlene Fusco, MD, PhD via email to dfusco@tulane.edu or by phone at 504-988-7316