Genital Diversity Gallery

Event Date
Uptown Campus
James Lounge
Genital Diversity Gallery  illustration

Stop by the Genital Diversity Gallery in James Lounge, which showcases SEX-ED + models. SEX-ED + is the first project to create anatomically exact tools, based on human molding techniques, and presents the vast spectrum of genitalia (assigned-male, assigned-female, intersex, trans, and with voluntary or forced surgeries) to destigmatize genitals and celebrate the diversity of bodies that exist. 

This event is a part of Tulane's annual Body Respect Week! Body Respect Week brings the Tulane community comprehensive, queer-inclusive, culturally-specific, body-positive health events. Join us throughout the week as we promote #bodyrespect for all. Check out the Body Respect Week website to see our full schedule and for more details.