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Guest Speaker: Dr. Jana Grittersova

Uptown Campus
Gibson Hall

Featuring Dr. Jana Grittersova

Dr. Jana Grittersova will be on campus to present research drawn from her recent book, Borrowing Credibility: Global Banks and Monetary Regimes. The talk is scheduled for Thursday, February 7, 3:30PM-5:00PM in Gibson Hall Room 126. The talk is free and open to the public. 

Dr. Grittersova is an associate professor of political science and cooperating faculty in the department of economics at UC Riverside. She holds a PhD in political science from Cornell and a PhD in economics from the University of Economics, Bratislava. 

Her book, Borrowing Credibility, offers a novel account of reputation formation in international finance by arguing that governments can borrow monetary credibility from reputable multinational banks. It focuses on the credibility of monetary regimes, which is central to understanding inflationary expectations and currency crises. Countries with credible monetary regimes borrow at lower interest rates in international markets and are less likely to suffer speculative attacks and currency crises. The book argues that governments can borrow credibility from reputable multinational banks headquartered in Western Europe and North America. By contrast, a country that announces the entry of multinational banks headquartered in developing countries does not gain a reputational boost. 

More information about Dr. Grittersova is available at her website: http://janagritters.com  

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