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How Mobile Technology and Collaborative Editing Can Benefit Public Health

Downtown Campus
Tidewater Bldg
room 1206

Featuring Sunshine Best

We know a cellphone can be used for more than selfies and a source for frequent updates. We can communicate with loved ones around the world in seconds without speaking a word. The internet and various mobile devices have made the world a lot smaller and information more accessible. Collaborative editing and social media are just two examples of how humans are willing to interact with this technology (sharing knowledge). With all of this, why are we as students and researchers defaulting to the same old research methods and 'technology' such as surveys and phone calls to interact with populations of interest? In less than one hour, I'd like to share a few examples of how modern tech has various benefits for public health research, data collection and interventions.   During this time I hope to inspire you on how collaboration can facilitate the development of innovative ideas while recognizing previously unexplored opportunities mobile tech may offer to improve various public health outcomes while expanding research quality. I hope to see you there.

Environmental Health Sciences Department

For more information contact: Sunshine via email to sbest2@tulane.edu