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Kenneth Hardy, PhD: The Subtleties of Race in Clinical Practice

Uptown Campus
Tulane School of Social Work

Both in society and in our work, the topic of race remains a very sensitive and explosive topic. Claims of color blindness and simply not “seeing color” makes it very difficult to crack the cloak of silence that often masks race. Since an acknowledgement of seeing race is often considered tantamount to admitting that one is a racist, many of us proclaim not to see color. While the denial of the significance of race is common, many of our every day practices are shaped very powerfully by the nuances of race. Nowhere is the denial of and the refusal to see race more poignant than it is in our clinical work. Although the subtleties of race often pervade our work, it is seldom overtly acknowledged and discussed.

This workshop will examine the subtleties of race in clinical work. Attention will be devoted to examining how race is virtually always connected to either the presenting problem or the therapeutic process. Strategies for initiating and maintaining conversations about race-related issues will be discussed. Specific techniques for responding effectively to explosive race related content also will be covered. Special attention will be devoted to Self of the Therapist issues that may impede and/or facilitate effective engagement and treatment with clients.

School of Social Work Student Government Association

For more information on this event, please visit https://tulane.campuslabs.com/engage/event/5081692