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The Latin American Writers Series - Yuri Herrera

Uptown Campus
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Greenleaf Conference Room

Featuring Yuri Herrera

Over the next few years, the Latin American Writers Series will showcase the most representative writers  of the continent and serve as an archive of their achievements.  Ecuadorian writer and Tulane’s Greenleaf Scholar-in-Residence,  Gabriela Alemán will conduct in-depth interviews with authors that address  a territory defined by massive migrations, multiple forms of violence, economic precariousness and environmental struggles. These authors – from different generations, countries and traditions – will describe their lives, influences and the mechanisms that tie their interests and concerns with their writing. The interviews will serve to feed a digital archive that will reflect and preserve how writing and publishing takes place in Latin America today.  In Spring 2019, the featured  authors are Achy Obejas, Yuri Herrera and Claudia Hernández. 

Durante los próximos años, la serie Latin American Writers reunirá lo más representativo de la escritura continental y producirá un archivo de las experiencias y  logros de estos escritores.  La escritora ecuatoriana y “Greenleaf Scholar-in-Residence” de Tulane, Gabriela Alemán realizará entrevistas con una docena de autores cuyos trabajos se movilizan en territorios marcados  por migraciones masivas, múltiples violencias, precariedad económica y luchas medioambientales. Surgiendo de varias generaciones, países y tradiciones, los autores hablarán sobre sus vidas, influencias y los mecanismos que vinculan sus intereses y preocupaciones con sus escrituras. Las entrevistas servirán para alimentar un archivo digital que reflejará como se escribe y se publica en América Latina hoy en día. En la primavera de 2019, los autores entrevistados serán Achy Obejas, Yuri Herrera and Claudia Hernández. 

Join us for the interview in Spanish in the Greenleaf Conference Room, 100-A Jones Hall at 5:30 PM.

Yuri Herrera was born in Actopan, Mexico, in 1970. He studied Politics in Mexico, Creative Writing in El Paso and took his PhD in Literature at Berkeley. He has written four novels, three of them translated into several languages: Trabajos del reino (2017) Señales que precederán al fin del mundo (2015) and La transmigración de los cuerpos (2016) and El incendio de la mina El bordo (2018). He has published short stories, articles, non-fiction and essays in magazines and newspapers in the US, Latin America and Spain. He was editor and founder of the literary magazine el perro. His first novel to appear in English, Signs Preceding the End of the World, was published to great critical acclaim in 2015 and included in many Best-of-Year lists, including The Guardian‘s Best Fiction and NBC News’s Ten Great Latino Books, going on to win the 2016 Best Translated Book Award. He is currently teaching at Tulane University.

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