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Leadership in Healthcare Seminar Series

Repeats every week every Wednesday until Wed Apr 17 2019 except Wed Mar 06 2019.
January 16, 2019 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Downtown Campus
Murphy Building
DeBakey Center

Seminars in Leadership for Health Care Debakey Room Wednesdays 1:00PM to 3:00PM Lecture/Expert panel at 1:00PM

Debrief, discussions at 2:00PM Drs. Korndorffer/Palmisano and Mr. Tripp Frasch

Introduction, 360 Student Leadership Practices Inventory, Create teams, Set Expectations Dr. Melanie Korndorffer, Dr. Palmisano, and Mr. Tripp Frasch 1/16/2019

Find your voice by clarifying your personal values Introduction to Leadership theory and Competencies Discuss results of 360 Student Leadership Practices Inventory 1/23/2019

Leading with personal integrity Set the Example by aligning action with shared values Defining and cultivating integrity Ethical decision making Personal Accountability Dr. Cathy Lazarus Dr. Chayan Chakraborti 1/30/2019

Managing crises: high stakes clinical teamwork Expert panel discussion lead by Dr. Rebecca Schroll Dr. Charles Harris 2/6/2019

Enlist Others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations Speaking persuasively Communicating effectively Dr. Donald Palmisano 2/13/2019

Search for opportunities by seeking ways to change, grow, and improve Diversity and inclusion Self advocacy Mr. Michael Woodson Dr. Lu Xu Hannah Daneshvar 2/20/2019

Intro to course for new students, Midpoint project presentations and recruitment of new students to projects 2/27/2019 3/13/2019

Level Five Leadership Strengthen others by sharing power and discretion Develop competence and confidence Dr. Robin Forman 3/27/2019

Enhancing your EQ: emotionally intelligent leadership Dr. Adi Haramati 4/3/2019

Exerting influence within health care organizations Dr. Lee Hamm 4/10/2019

Developing life-long leadership habits Mr. Ted Longo 4/17/2019

School of Medicine

For more information contact: Tripp Frasch via email to tfrasch@tulane.edu or by phone at 5049885255
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