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Lecture: Why Does Love Hurt?

Uptown Campus
Stibbs Conference Room (Room 203)

Featuring Agnes Callard

Agnes Callard is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago. Her primary research interests include ancient philosophy, moral psychology, and ethics.

In her 2017 book  Aspiration, she drew from both psychology and decision theory, producing a work that The New Yorker described as “often moving, quietly profound.”   She is the recipient of a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship for her book project, “The World Socrates Made,” which investigates how contemporary intellectual culture is rooted in Socratic origins.

Professor Callard’s scholarly articles appear in leading venues including Ancient Philosophy, Social Philosophy and Policy, Oxford Studies in Metaethics, and Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy.  As a public philosopher, she writes columns for the New York Times and The Point Magazine.  

She received her PhD from UC Berkeley in 2008.

Murphy Institute

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