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Featuring Live From the Lab - Slow Dance on the Killing Ground

Tuesday October 1 - 7:30pm - Free admission and refreshments! McWilliams 104 - The Lab Theatre

The Department of Theatre and Dance presents



By William Hanley Moderated by Dr. Ray Proctor

About SLOW DANCE ON THE KILLING GROUND:  "Slow Dance on the Killing Ground takes place in 1962 in Brooklyn, NY and is a powerful, timeless story. Set in an older German man’s candy store, the German’s night escalates when an interestingly dressed black fugitive enters. Here begins what Mr. Hanley will refer to as Pas de Deux—Dance for Two—as the characters circle each other making threats with guns as ice picks but scarcely make any contact.

As their evening continues to unfold, the dance for two turns into three, Pas de Trois, as eighteen-year-old Rosie stumbles into the store looking for an abortionist. The NYU student recognizes the trouble she has found herself in, yet her situation and homely appearance makes both men forget about their present furies with each other—for a minute.

Throughout the play, tensions mount, judgments are made and secrets are revealed. In the third act, one character will even give a confession that may result in the end of the dance for them on the killing ground."

The reading begins at 730pm. Refreshments are served and ADMISSION IS FREE!!!

Questions or want to be come involved in future readings? Please contact Professor Chaffee at achaffee@tulane.edu or 310-497-4906

Department of Theatre and Dance

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