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Live From the Lab Series: : Manual of Survival. Messages in a Bottle from the Beginning of the Millennium

Uptown Campus
Lab Theater

"Manuale di sopravvivenza. Messaggi in bottiglia d'inizio millennio" which translates to "Survival Manual. Messages in a bottle from the beginning of the millennium"

Author: Stefano Massini

Publisher: Il Mulino, 2021

About the play: The author collects and extends the thoughts of two years, first inspired by the contradictions of our life, subsequently prompted by the drama of the Wuhan virus, destined to change not only the perception of the present but the very value of the verb to survive. Words like quarantine or curfew have suddenly become the real limits of everyone’s daily life, becoming part of a new emotional dictionary, as unexpected as it is difficult to decline. Massini attempts the challenge, drawing up a seismograph of the common feeling: existential and literary glimpses thus play the role of periscope on the moods and fears of a country that was first upset, then increasingly tried by the long tunnel of the pandemic (Sicily Lab).

McWilliams 104 Lab Theater

Talkback moderated by Elena Daniele

Department of Theatre and Dance

For more information on this event, please visit https://tulane.campuslabs.com/engage/event/7916482