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Menstruation Celebration

Uptown Campus

Menstruation Celebration is a day dedicated to destigmatizing and minimizing the shame around periods. We will be addressing the fear, uncertainty, and confusion that surrounds menstruation by sharing information about the what, why, how, and when’s of getting your period. There will be space created to give you a complete breakdown of menstrual products, hygiene, anatomy and more. Menstruation celebration is for all people regardless of sex assigned at birth, gender identity, anatomy, or stage in life. While we realize that for most getting your period is not a cause for celebration, Menstruation Celebration is about gaining the tools and knowledge to menstruate on your own terms, in a way that is most comfortable to you.


Come by the Period Party on McAlister to grab free absorption products and other period resources. Also, check out @TUCampusHealth at 4PM on Instagram for posts and lives throughout the day!

Campus Health

For more information on this event, please visit https://tulane.campuslabs.com/engage/event/7476340