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Featuring Dr. Russel Ledet

“Given an opportunity to chronicle the experience of traversing America as a Black man, I elect to convey a less frequently told vantage point. This is the perspective of the ‘accomplished’ bootless, and the movement to change the narrative.” -Dr. Russel Ledet

Join Dr. Leemann and his students in ENHS-7240-70Fa20: Applying Systems Thinking in Environmental Health and Safety in welcoming Dr. Russell Ledet, a second-year MD-MBA student Tulane University School of Medicine and A.B. Freeman School of Business, and the President and Manager of The 15 White Coats.  The mission of The 15 White Coats is to reimagine cultural imagery in learning spaces, lessen the financial burden of applying to medical school for applicants of color, and to influence cultural literacy in learning spaces.

The lecture is be given during Dr. Leemann’s live session on Monday, October 19, at 6:30 PM.  This live session is dedicated to Dr. Ledet’s lecture.

Center for Applied Environmental Public Health

Please RSVP via the web at https://calendly.com/dominickwilliams/enhs724070fa20-15wc or

For more information contact: Dominick Williams via email to dwilli@tulane.edu