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Part 1: Understanding Representation in the Historical Canon

Uptown Campus
Greenleaf Conference Room, Jones Hall, room 100A Stone Center

This panel event is the first in the 3-part series Invisible Influencers: Examining Absence in Popular Narratives

Inspired by the absence of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint Georges from the musical and military history canons, this series examines presence and absence in popular historical narratives as well as how they are sustained or disrupted.

This conversation takes a broad look at race and representation in the historical canon. Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de St. Georges, easily raises questions about race and representation in musical history and, more broadly, European cultural history to say the least. This panel will examine how race, specifically Black people/people of the African diaspora, is and is not present in the popular historical imagination. With Joseph Bologne as our grounding through-line, this conversation will also be informed by the nuances of enslavement, socio-cultural status, social norms in 18th century France and how Bologne’s position and status in French society and the larger historical narrative is complicated by his identity as the son of an enslaved woman and a plantation owner on occupied land.

Panelists: Denise Frazier, Givonna Joseph, Demi Ward, Rosanne Adderley  

This event will be held in person and online.

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Howard-Tilton Memorial LibraryRoger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American StudiesHoward-Tilton Memorial Library

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