Peace Corps Prep at the Global Cafe

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LBC Mezzanine
Peace Corps Prep at the Global Cafe illustration

Interested in working or doing service internationally? Stop by the Global Cafe in LBC and look for the Peace Corps flag to learn more about Peace Corps Prep. 

Peace Corps Prep is an undergraduate professional development and career exploration certificate program that combines coursework with hands-on experience, networking, exposure to a range of guest speakers, and special events with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. 


Applications are now open for next year’s Peace Corps Prep cohort! Preference will be given to first year students, but sophomores and juniors are also welcome to apply. The application deadline is April 30, 2024. Apply here:


All students will be required to take CRDV 1090 in the Fall of 2024, which is scheduled to meet on Thursdays from 2:00-3:15pm. The CRDV 1090 class for Peace Corps Prep is only taught in the Fall semester.


The Peace Corps Prep undergraduate program prepares students for international service by developing four core competencies critical to intercultural fieldwork:


  • Professional & Leadership Development
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Foreign Language Proficiency
  • Training and Experience in a specific work sector (Education, Health, Environment, Agriculture, Youth in Development, or Community Economic Development)


Upon completion of the 3-year program, you will receive a certificate from the Peace Corps. There is no obligation for Peace Corps Prep graduates to apply for Peace Corps service; however, students who have earned the Peace Corps Prep certificate will have a competitive edge if they choose to apply.


International students are encouraged to apply! The Peace Corps Prep certificate program is open to undergraduate students of all nationalities.


Questions? Please contact Susanne Hackett at