Restorative Practices Overview

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Uptown Campus
Restorative Practices Overview illustration

The Office of Human Resources & Institutional Equity, in collaboration with Student Affairs, is thrilled to introduce Restorative Practices as part of Tulane's Strategy for Tomorrow. 

Immerse yourself in transformative learning experiences led by the esteemed experts at the Center for Restorative Approaches (CRA). Their highly trained facilitators are dedicated to equipping you with the knowledge and skills to build a strong community, foster inclusivity, and facilitate collaborative decision-making.

Restorative practices are processes used to build, strengthen, and repair relationships. They are guided by the understanding that relationships are central to learning, growth, and a healthy community. Restorative practices focus on methods that help people to cooperate, to take responsibility for their behavior, to resolve conflict, and to improve communication. Instead of focusing on blame and doing things “to” people, restorative practices work “with” people to build problem-solving skills that result in better connections and a healthier community.

This 2-hour overview is meant to provide participants a foundational understanding of what restorative practices are, an example of a restorative intervention, and learning 3 of the 8 guiding principles for restorative practices.