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Sound Editing with Adobe Audition


Featuring Donna Caldwell, Adobe Sr. Solutions Consultant

Whether reporting field research, creating a podcast, or adding audio to a video, sound plays a vital role in the communication of ideas and information in an ever-increasing digital world. This session will introduce attendees to sound editing with Adobe Audition. Using a sample podcast project, the session will provide an overview of recording and editing interviews as well as adding music and sound effects to create a multitrack audio production. All attendees will have access to the assets used in the session along with links to “where to go from here" tutorials. 

Register for this webinar: https://tulane.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArf-CgqDwtHNCtDzjUIgJt2ceqYKE4oQU2  

Innovative Learning Center (ILC)

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For more information on this event, please visit http://guide.tulane.edu/home/ilc-tech-talk-webinar-wednesday-series/