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Spring Concert - Tulane-Newcomb Choir

Uptown Campus
Dixon Hall

Sacred Nine Project: Sufferage [sic] will explore examples of hegemonic femininity found in nineteenth-century popular songs.  Sammi Maza, Gender and Sexuality Studies major at Tulane University, helped navigate this concert concept, and identified several of these archaic paradigms, including whiteness, youthfulness, purity, and passivity.  Of course, “straightness” is another example, though it would have been the trait that went without saying. The first half of the concert will be a performance of 100-year-old songs that touch on these themes.  Then, the second half of the performance will poke against those standards with almost completely new verse, and five brand new pieces of music, giving voice to Women of Color, Queer Women, and Aging Women.  Featured poets include Derby Belser, Joan Barasovska, Arynne S. Fannin, Regina Garcia, Madeline Grills, and Audre Lorde.  The composers include Madeline Grills and Barbara Jazwinski.

Newcomb Department of Music

For more information on this event, please visit https://tulane.campuslabs.com/engage/event/7964793