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Pedersen Lobby

The LBC welcomes you to participate in our first ever clothing swap! In an effort to provide sustainable and cost effective shopping for formal items and Mardi Gras costumes, we are hosting a costume and formal clothing swap in the Pedersen Lobby of the LBC on Friday, January 31 from 1-5pm!

** Not interested in swapping? Not a problem! We will also have several local clothing and accessory vendors along the main hallway of the LBC selling brand new items, specifically curated for Mardi Gras and formal events! We will be posting about our confirmed vendors leading up to the big day. **

Here’s how "The Swap" works...

1. DROP OFF YOUR ITEMS. During various times (to be announced shortly) between Monday, January 27- Friday, January 31 at NOON, you can bring your clothing and accessories in the LBC along the main hallway.

2. GET YOUR TICKETS. Prior to entering the swap sale - starting at 12PM in Pedersen Lobby - those who have brought in items to swap will be given tickets to use in exchange for “new” items at the swap event!

** ONE FOR ONE. Tickets will be given on a 1 to 1 basis (i.e. If you bring one pair of slacks and one pair of shoes, you will receive two tickets). Consequently, every item at the swap will be worth one ticket.

3. SHOP & CHECK OUT. Browse the selection of items at the swap and find your new treasure. We will have a spot for you to check out with us before you leave.

** NO MONEY. Splash cash, wavebucks, credit/debit cards, Venmo, cash, or any other forms of payment will NOT be accepted. Only a ticket will get you a new-to-you item.

What items are swap eligible?

We are accepting any GENTLY USED items of clothing and/or accessories that fall under the categories of formal wear OR costumes. Any clothing - of all sizes - that would be considered business or dressy casual is welcome. Additionally, all costume sets and costume components are welcome; they do not need to be Mardi Gras “themed” or colored!

What items are not swap eligible?

Because of the specificity of this swap, we will not be accepting the following items UNLESS they are explicitly part of a costume:
* Athletic wear, gear, shoes, or accessories
* Jeans
* Tshirts
* Undergarments (i.e. bathing suit bottoms, underwear, hosiery) - Leotards and bodysuits are an exception to this.
* Other items such as household goods and decor

In addition, we will not accept items that are damaged, stained, broken, or ripped. LBC staff has the right to refuse any items that do not comply with this description.


1. Upon the drop off of your clothing item(s), the previous owner thereby relinquishes all rights to this property. No items will be returned to students after they have been relinquished, even if that item remains unswapped after the event. If a student wishes to reclaim their item, they may use their ticket at the swap to retrieve their items should it still be available.

2. After the conclusion of the swap event, all remaining clothing and accessories will be donated to local organizations in need of these types of clothing items.

3. Although students are STRONGLY encouraged to wash / dry clean their items prior to dropping them off for swapping, the LBC staff cannot and does not in any way guarantee the sanitary status of clothing and accessories featured at the swap. Students are responsible for the risks associated with secondhand clothing and accessory use.

4. Only Tulane affiliates (i.e. you have a current Tulane ID) will be permitted to participate in The Swap. The vendor sale is open to ALL guests and visitors.

Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life & the Commons

For more information on this event, please visit https://tulane.campuslabs.com/engage/event/5469602