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A talk by Mestre João Grande and Mestre Jelon on capoeira across time and space.

Uptown Campus
Kendal-Cram Room

Featuring Mestre João Grande and Mestre Jelon

Mestre Joao Grande is one of the last remaining Mestres from the Velha Guarda, he is 86 years old and still holds capoeira classes at his academy in Harlem (He came to NY in 1990 and opened up a capoeira school). He is a student of Mestre Pastinha, the father of capoeira Angola. M. Jelon is also from Bahia, he was the first capoeirista to open up a school in the US back in the 70's. He was also the choreographer and director of Viva Bahia, a dance group that toured the world showcasing folkloric dances of Northeastern Brazil. spa

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