ThanksTU - Tulane's Annual Day of Gratitude

Event Date
Uptown Campus
Small Family Collaboration Hub
ThanksTU - Tulane's Annual Day of Gratitude illustration

Whether you’re a Tulane student, alum, friend, or member of the faculty or staff, you know there is something pretty special about this university. Recognizing what makes Tulane so special and sharing what makes you thankful to be a Tulanian is what ThanksTU is all about. Join us for this event dedicated to showing gratitude to the audacious Tulanians who make this university great!

Help us create messages of gratitude and showcase the impact that philanthropy has at Tulane. We'll show you gratitude in return with activities, food trucks, Tulane gear, and fun! Bring your Splash Card to tap at the registration table and let us know you stopped by.