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Tulane Formula Racing Car Show

Uptown Campus
Parking loop in front of the Commons, between Drill Rd, and Newcomb Pl

Tulane Formula Racing has been working with Tulane Campus Services to plan our campus's first car show. We are planning to bring together 58 exotic and vintage cars from around New Orleans to park in a space on campus to show off their vehicles. This event would be open to the entire campus and would be highly enriching to all students and community members, even without a previous interest in cars. We plan to source the cars from local car clubs, such as Saint Garage, La Chicane, and Nola Motorsport. These car clubs consist of primarily older community members, some of which are Tulane graduates, who attend events together to show off their special cars. Unlike how many car meets are often portrayed in movies, these garage clubs maintain a family-friendly and mature environment, meaning they do not attend events to race, perform burnouts, or rev their engines. Instead, the standard for similar events is for members to park their cars and walk around to admire their vehicles. At this event, it would be made clear that calm and orderly behavior for all guests is of utmost importance and mandatory to attend. Beyond just looking at the cars, students will be invited to learn more about Tulane Formula Racing, as well as have the opportunity to purchase merchandise. We feel this event could be fun for all members of the Tulane community and would be an exciting addition to a weekend on campus.

Tulane Formula Racing

For more information on this event, please visit https://tulane.campuslabs.com/engage/event/8631960