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TuSA Lecture: Student Travel Fellowship Presentations

Uptown Campus
McAlister Auditorium

This in-person lecture featuring four student travel fellowship presentations will take place in McAlister Auditorium and is open to the public.

John William Lawrence Travel Fellowships

Karan Sharma (M.Arch '23 candidate), "Earth as a Construction Material in Spain"

Researchers have studies the thermal, physical properties of earth, the building codes which dictates its uses, and the availability of skilled labor. No study yet, has explored the influence of client and architects decisions and opinions on earth construction. This proposed study will help bridge this gap of knowledge by exploring which factors influence the clients and architects in their decision making processes. This study will investigate the following questions:

  • Which factors influence the clients and architects in making their decision making process to choose earth as a construction material.
  • How do the factors such as cost, labor, familiarity of architect with the material, influence or deter the architects or the clients from the use of earth.
  • The social perspective of earth as a construction material in the context of Spain and the reviews of architects and home owners post inhabitance in earthen houses.

 Seth Laskin (B.Arch '23 candidate), "Through the Looking Glass: The Interplay of Film and Architecture in the Worlds of Wes Anderson"

This project investigates how architecture plays a key role in conveying narrative and emotional themes through an analysis of Wes Anderson's cinematic worlds. Selected buildings will be studied and represented through architectural models to express existing architecture in a cinematic context, drawing connections between both sides of 'the looking glass'. 

Chris Kolodey (M.Arch '23 candidate), "Frank Gehry Concert Halls"

Chris Kolodey's travel research combines his interests in music and architecture, visiting modern concert halls that are the result of collaboration between Gehry Architects and Nagata Acoustics. Meetings with acoustic consultants helped direct the use of acoustic simulation tools to analyze sound behavior inside a space. 

Class of 1973 Travel Fellowship

Ethan Lewis (B.Arch and BSRE '23 candidate), "Jerusalem: Post-Mandate Development & Conflict In The City of Peace"

This presentation will examine contemporary Jerusalem's development from the end of the British mandate to the summer of 2022. The presentation will reveal how the state and ethnoreligious groups have projected power through design and planning. Their actions shape the urban fabric of the Jerusalem megalopolis, influencing a conflict that shakes the city to its core.


School of Architecture

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