Video Editing with ShotCut for Beginners

Event Date
Uptown Campus
Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, Room 602
Video Editing with ShotCut for Beginners illustration

This workshop will give attendees sufficient knowledge of video editing to feel comfortable with completing basic video-essay assignments and using video to share their research more broadly. In this workshop, attendees will learn: how to import existing video files into ShotCut, navigating the main sections of ShotCut video editing software, how to cut video, how to trim video, fade in and out, how to zoom in/out, and how to save and export their final video.

Requirements: Please bring your own laptop with ShotCut already installed. ShotCut is a free, open-source product that may be downloaded from As with all software, we strongly recommend reviewing the user license agreement.

Location: Room 602, in person only at this time

Register at to receive a calendar event. Walk-ins welcome.