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VISIONS Training Workshop

Uptown Campus

In this webinar series we are sharing an eye opening VISIONS' tool: the Historically Included and Excluded Group Identities and Memberships (HE/HI). As you might remember, in our first session we taught The Guidelines for Cross Cultural Dialogue which serve as the foundation of the VISIONS' model. Before we can talk about change it is important that we understand one another. This communication tool is specifically geared to aid individuals and groups in communicating across differences. Our next session, HE/ HI, invites each person an opportunity to do a self inventory of where it is we hold privilege and oppression in our lives. All people have had or have identities of privilege and oppression. Bias, consciously or unconsciously, is perpetuated from our positions of power and privilege such as race, class, sexual orientation and abilities just to name a few. Come prepared to learn at the edge of your comfort and to be the change you seek. Participants often leave this training having learnt more about the person they know best, themselves.


We anticipate that as participants experience our trainings, they will have: 

  • Increased comfort identifying oppression and exploring and implementing alternatives in themselves and in their communities.

  • More awareness of the cost of privilege and the impacts of oppression to all people and groups.

  • Access to a common language and framework for discussing issues of difference.


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For more information on this event, please visit https://tulane.campuslabs.com/engage/event/6974016