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Who's Revitalizing Homer?

Uptown Campus
Howard Tilton

Featuring Donna Zuckerberg (Eidolon)

Who's Revitalizing Homer?: The Relevance and Risks of Classical Reception Today

Donna Zuckerberg (Eidolon)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019 Howard Tilton B11 5:00PM

Reception to follow in Jones Hall 210 Tulane University The Department of Classical Studies

Recently, a surprising group has taken up the mantle of explaining why the study of the ancient Greeks and Romans remains vitally important: the alt-right. Alt-right thinkers present themselves as protectors of the Classics who are saving the cultural heritage of the West from "social justice warrior" professors who secretly want to destroy it. In this lecture, Donna Zuckerberg explores what antiquity means to far-right online communities and what others interested in Classics can do to respond.


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