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Fresh Check Day, the signature program of the Jordan Porco Foundation, is an u

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The new member class from 2021 for SDT will be camped out at the SDT house to cook up some delicious grilled cheese for our organization members and other members of the Tulane community. All proceeds from this event will go to our national philanthropies. Stop by and grab a yummy treat for a good cause!

The Downtown Uptown North Shore Neuroscience Krewe (DUNNK) is a monthly meeting of Brain Institute faculty, post-docs, research scientists, doctoral, masters, and undergraduate students. DUNNK features doctoral students' presentations from one or two labs (two presenters maximum) to allow neuroscience doctoral students the opportunity to troubleshoot problems in an experiment and ge

The first cohort of the Tulane Pathologists' Assistant Program celebrates graduation with a hooding and graduation ceremony. 

The first cohort of the Tulane Pathologists' Assistant Program celebrates graduation with a hooding and graduation ceremony. 

Interested in joining a social fraternity at Tulane? Attend an IFC Information Session to learn more about the process including registration and eligibility.  Info Sessions are required for anyone interested in joining a social fraternity. 

As the French presidential election approaches, many believe that France is experiencing a far-right shift in the political landscape. Since the election of Emmanuel Macron, the incumbent president, many hypothesize that France may shift toward an era of right-leaning politics as the leader of the far-right party, the National Rally, stands out as one of the main contenders for the presidency.

The United States has the largest police force in the world, with funding that exceeds most major nations' militaries. The U.S. also incarcerates more people than any other country in the world, with Louisiana leading U.S. states with most people incarcerated per capita. How did we get here? What does policing have to do with power, safety and control? What reforms have been tried and how did they work? In what ways have people resisted state repression and violence at the hands of police? What can we learn from the past in order to create peace, justice and wellbeing in the future? 

This is a community building circle designed by and for graduate students at Tulane. The event is focused on dismantling ableism (both internalized and systemic) that exacerbates and stigmatizes people living with mental illness and mental health challenges. This space is open to both allies and people who identify as neurodivergent, "Mad", mentally ill, etc. 


Great news! Our department is bringing back our annual Holiday Luncheon! Food, Drinks, and Fun!

*Department of Biostatistics and Data Science ONLY*