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Drop by the Newcomb Art Museum at noon for a free exhibition tour led by Andrea Armstrong, professor of Law at Loyola University New Orleans, whose expertise and insight led to the creation of many of the engaging texts informing the show.

About Andrea Armstrong:

David Berman is a poet and a singer-songwriter.

This event is part of the 2019-2020 Environmental Studies series, "The Lay of the Land."

"From Bench to Bedside: Changing Practice and Saving Lives"

Presented by

Amy Goldberg, MD, Chair, Department of Surgery, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Using his group’s national and international studies of built environments and physical activity, Dr. Sallis will describe the growth of policy-oriented research that is highly interdisciplinary in nature. He will provide a summary of what has been learned as well as related policy recommendations. He will emphasize the need, and propose several options, for translating research to practice and policy, drawing from a newly-published model. The talk will end with evidence that physical activity research is making an impact on policy and practice.

“Trauma-Induced Coagulopathy: Implications for Prehospital Care”

Presented by


F.A.C.E.P. (Hon), F.R.C.S. Ed. (Hon), F.R.C.S.T. (Hon), F.R.C.S.I. (Hon), F.E.B.S. Em Surg (Hon)

Editor, Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery

Director of Surgical Research

Ernest E Moore Shock Trauma Center at Denver Health

Distinguished Professor of Surgery

University of Colorado Denver


Please join us for a work in progress talk by

2018-2019 LAL Richard E. Greenleaf fellow

Juan Camilo Rojas

“The Preacher Must Know How to Paint, But Not Appear to Be a Painter”: Rhetoric and Image in the Arte de sermones (1677) by Fray Martín de Velasco “El predicador ha de saber pintar, pero no parecer pintor”: Retórica e imagen en el Arte de sermones (1677) de Fray Martín de Velasco

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 3pm

The Latin American Library LAL Seminar Room 4th floor Howard-Tilton Memorial Library

Please join us for a work in progress talk by

2018-2019 LAL Richard E. Greenleaf fellow


Juan Carrillo González

A Glimpse of the Voices of the Past: Historical Ethnography of the Maya of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala (1880-1920)

Join us for a Fireside Chat with Jeanne Haggerty, the Executive Vice President, Government Affairs and External Relations of BIO - The Biotechnology Innovation Organization.  James will talk with Jeanne about The Future of State Bio-Ecosystems, and what she thinks it will take to make them compelling in the years to come!

Mayda Colón and Zayra Taranto, founders of Trabalis Editores, will speak about their singular approach to publishing in Puerto Rico (they own their own printing press and use the royalties ceded by their world renown authors to publish new writers). In the aftermath of Hurricane María they organized several readings and published a series of books of historical importance (Bitácora de una transmisión radial, transcripciones de una histórica transmisión radial durante el Huracán María desde Wapa radio, Sandra Rodríguez Cotto; Huracanada, Mayra Santos-Febres, amongst others).

Over the next few years, the Latin American Writers Series will showcase the most representative writers  of the continent and serve as an archive of their achievements.  Ecuadorian writer and Tulane’s Greenleaf Scholar-in-Residence,  Gabriela Alemán will conduct in-depth interviews with authors that address  a territory defined by massive migrations, multiple forms of violence, economic precariousness and environmental struggles.