A Symposium on the Literary History of New Orleans

Event Date
Uptown Campus
Stibbs Conference Room

Around thirty scholars and creative writers who contributed to the new collection of essays, New Orleans: A Literary History, edited by Tulane English Professor T. R. Johnson, will gather for an all-day symposium on January 25th in the Stibbs conference room of the LBC for a sequence of four panel discussions about the intersections between -- and the implications of -- their work. The symposium will begin at 9:15am with a general welcome.  The panels will then follow, thus: I. Creolism and Cosmpolitanism in the 18th and 19th centuries; II. Heroes and Home in the 20th and 21st Century; III New Orleans' Literary Legacies of Color; IV. Land, Weather, Water, and What's Next for Literary New Orleans? Finally, at 4:30pm, the celebrated novelist Maurice Carlos Ruffin will conclude the day's proceedings by delivering a keynote address, with a reception to follow.