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One of the challenges for physicians in an era of patient-centered care is to close the deal for treatment. Physicians may have to say no when patients make inappropriate treatment requests (as in opioids for chronic pain), or insist on treatment when patients resist (as in vaccination refusal). In this talk, I examine how neurologists overcome resistance against medication recommendations for pediatric patients with epilepsy. Neurologists meet these grounds with three corresponding persuasion strategies ranging from pressuring, to coaxing, to accommodating.

Sociology Colloquium: Debbie Becher, Barnard College

"A Fractured Nation: Private Property and the Fracking of the Rural West"

Strong City is a non-profit organization created by Tulane alumni to partner with community-based programs focusing on empowering underserved youth. You are invited to join the Strong City founders for a lunch talk/round table discussion to find out more about the Strong City story and how you can work together with them to inspire New Orleans youth. 

The Ambivalent State. Collusion and Violence in Latin America

Sociology Colloquium Series: Kimberly Hoang, University of Chicago


Culture Workshop: Owen Whooley, Associate Professor of Sciology at the University of New Mexico

Culture Workshop: Japonica Brown-Saracino, Professor of Sociology, Boston University, presents:  "'Your Friendly Neighborhood Dyke Bar’: Gentrification, Critical Nostalgia, and the Commemoration of Lost Dyke Spaces in Four Cities."

Culture Workshop: Claudio Benzecry, Northwestern University, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Sociology

Sociology Culture Workshop: Angel Adams Parham, Associate Professor of Sociology at Loyola University-New Orleans, "Race and the Limits of Civil Incorporation"

Culture Workshop: Marina Zaloznaya, University of Iowa