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The Tulane Classics Club and Anthropology Club present "Ovid's Niobe in Her Place," a lecture by Ellen Oliensis (University to California, Berkeley).

Friday, April 26, 2019 at 3PM in Jones Hall 204

Reception to follow in Jones 210

M.A.R.I. is happy to announce the sixth talk of the 2018-19 Brown Bag talk series.

Dr. Tatsuya Murakami, Department of Anthropology, Tulane University, presents his research titled:

A Macroregional Perspective on Early Urbanism in Formative Central Mexico: A View from Tlalancaleca, Puebla

12:00 pm  Friday, April 5 Rm. 305, Dinwiddie Hall

See you on Friday and remember to bring your lunch!


Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. The colonial history of the gulf south region is fraught with infractions to the sovereignty of Indigenous governance, land rights and physical bodies.

Democracy in Retreat? Master Planning in a Warming World

March 29, 2019

Tulane River and Coastal Center 1370 Port of New Orleans Pl., New Orleans, LA 70130


Deborah Cohn, Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, Indiana University

Vicente Diaz, Associate Professor of American Indian Studies, U of Minnesota

Jayeesha Dutta, Artist and Activist, Another Gulf Is Possible

Dilip Gaonkar, Director, Center for Global Culture and Communication, Northwestern U

Donatella Izzo, Professor of Comparative Literature, Università degli Studi di Napoli "L' Orientale”

Donald E. Pease, Ted and Helen Geisel Third Century Professor in the Humanities, Dartmouth

Provenance research and why it matters.


Please join us for an afternoon devoted to exploring the French and Creole languages in Louisiana.

2:00-2:15            Opening remarks

2:15-2:45            “Creole: A Nexus Analysis of Ethnolinguistic Labelling Practices.” N.A. Wendte (Tulane University)

2:45-3:15            “Decreolization in Louisiana Creole.” Oliver Mayeux (University of Cambridge)

3:15-3:30            Coffee break

A Renaissance tradition, the Sansepolcro Flag-throwers are celebrating over 60 years of performance and have been traveling to new Orleans to perform for more than 30 years! In 1952 in Sansepolcro, a Splendid Renaissance town in the heart of central Italy, the Società dei Balestrieri (crossbow associatioin), which had been keeping alive the centuries-old tradition of the Palio della Balestra (crossbow tournament), decided to rediscover the ancient art of flag waiving and sent on to found a company fo flag-wavers.

A moderated discussion by School of Liberal Arts Dean Brian Edwards with authors, lawyers and executives, Sean Berkowitz (A&S '89) and Bethany McLean.  

Sean Berkowitz is a former director of the Department of Justice's Enron Task Force. Berkowitz prosecuted former employees of Enron who were accused of white collar crimes, and was the lead prosecutor in the joint trial of Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling.


M.A.R.I. is happy to announce the fourth talk of the 2018-19 Brown Bag talk series.

Dr. Shefa Siegel, Pearson College of the Pacific, presents his research titled:

THE SACRED CAVITY OF THE WORLD  Cultural Survival in the Age of Extreme Mining

12:00 pm  Friday, March 22 Rm. 305, Dinwiddie Hall

See you on Friday and remember to bring your lunch!